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Hefei Gocom Information Technology Co.,Ltd (referred as "gocom") was established in 2001. In 2021, gocom was listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange with the stock code of 688367.

Gocom is a leading supplier of complete solutions for signal control and safety dispatching in the field of industrial railways and intelligent mines in China. Depending on the railway signal safety integrity technology, anti explosion design technology and independent intellectual property rights as the core, gocom provides industrial railways and mines with unique signal interlocking, centralized dispatching, intelligent logistics management, mine driver-less, intelligent dispatching and command of mine locomotive and vehicle transportation, mobile target precise positioning and control integration, wireless communication (5G/WiFi6) and other system products.

Gocom's products are widely used in metallurgy, mining, petrochemical, port, power and other pillar industries of the national economy. We play an important role in improving the transport safety and efficient production capacity of industrial railways. Our achievements cover 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China and enter the international market.


Listed company on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange


National specialized, delicate, unique and new small giant enterprise


National innovative enterprise


National intellectual property standard enterprise

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Ground industrial railway signal control and intelligent dispatching products


Taking GKI-33e full electronic computer interlocking system as the leading product, based on the industrial Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technology, gocom deeply integrates the industrial railway signal control and intelligent dispatching technology, and takes the lead in establishing and realizing the comprehensive technical system of signal control full electronic interlocking and train operation safety protection, automatic generation and implementation of dispatching plans, automatic logistics tracking and intelligent management and control in the industry.

Narrow gauge signal control and intelligent dispatching products in underground mines


With the KJ293 (A) mining rail transport monitoring system as the core, by building a multi network high-speed information transmission channel under the mine, using advanced industrial Internet of Things technology, on the basis of the mine integrated automation platform, target identification, moving track tracking, interlocking collaborative control, running state monitoring, flow process management, equipment information interaction, remote information release and other functions are integrated to achieve comprehensive safety monitoring and information management of mine moving targets under the unified technical platform. The system reserves 5G interfaces, which can be seamlessly integrated into the 5G system in the future.

Information system integration and technical services


Gocom has long been committed to information consulting, software development, system integration and intelligent services for universities, governments, enterprises and institutions. The company has become the preferred partner of customers in various industries with its high-quality information system integration and service capabilities. In 2013, based on the development of business, gocom established Hefei Zhengda Intelligent Control Information Engineering Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary, which specializes in the construction of information projects such as digital campus, smart medical care, smart power, safe city, smart buildings, big data, Internet plus government services, and has so far provided hundreds of users with excellent information systems and intelligent solutions.


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