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Information system integration and technical services


Information system integration and technical services

The company has long been committed to the information consulting services, software development, system integration and intelligent services of universities, hospitals, governments, enterprises and other units. With its high-quality information system integration and service capabilities, the company has become the preferred partner of customers in various industries.
In 2013, based on the development of business, high-tech of the University of Technology established Hefei Zhengda Intelligent Control Information Engineering Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary, which is specialized in information engineering construction such as digital campus, smart medical treatment, smart power, safe city, smart buildings, big data, Internet plus government services, and has so far provided hundreds of users with excellent information systems and intelligent solutions.
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Typical application cases
Digital campus


Hefei University of Technology Smart Campus Data Center Construction Project Overall Computer Room Construction Project of Anhui University of Finance and Economics
Campus Wireless Network Construction Project of Hefei Agricultural University Anhui Jianzhu University Information Security Classification Protection and Network Transformation Project
Information Infrastructure Construction Project of Electronic Countermeasures College of National University of Defense Technology of the People's Liberation Army Construction of virtual platform of Chuzhou University in Anhui Province


Smart medicine


Anhui New Rural Cooperative Medical Management Information System Construction Project Chuzhou First People's Hospital Intelligent Hospital Foundation Platform System Project
Intelligent project of provincial hemodialysis center Anhui North Coal Power Hospital Intelligent Medical Wireless Network Infrastructure Project
Anhui Provincial Hospital South District Phase II Cloud Office Project Suzhou Municipal Hospital Cloud Office Construction Project


Smart grid


Human Resources Management Information System Operation and Maintenance and Secondary Development Project of State Grid Anhui Company Development project of performance employment statistics analysis of Bozhou Power Supply Company of State Grid Anhui Electric Power Co., Ltd
HR Data Generation and Analysis Project of State Grid Anhui Company Management consulting project of State Energy Administration Research on Current Situation and Governance Measures of Power Construction Project Subcontracting Management
Research project on existing employment mode and risk analysis of construction unit operation teams of State Grid Infrastructure Department  


Government services


Anhui welfare lottery issuance platform network construction project Anhui Information Center Video Conference Construction Project
Anhui Provincial Department of Finance county-level platform integration construction project Information construction project of food security center and key contact markets
Anhui Rural Cooperative Medical Service VPN Networking Construction Project Tianchang Detention Center Security Technology Prevention System Construction Project




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