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Application Case: Creating a "New Benchmark" for Intelligent Assistance Transportation, gocom’s solution was highly praised by Huainan Mining Group

Welcome to Zhangji coal mine for observation and investigation. Gocom’s intelligent solution is expected to make greater contributions to more mining enterprises towards a green, intelligent, safe and efficient atmosphere.
30 2022/09

Application Case: GOCOM (688367. SH) helped Yankuang Energy Zhaolou coal mine successfully pass the acceptance of "the first batch of national intelligent demonstration coal mines"

Wisdom leads to the future and develops new situations vigorously. Gocom will continue to take the promotion of the construction of national intelligent mines as our mission, continue to innovate, explore and practice, help large mining enterprises build "first-class intelligent demonstration mines", and contribute more to the safe, green, intelligent and efficient development of China's mines.
14 2022/09
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