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Core technology

Core technology

Security and reliability technology

Make the company's products meet the safety and reliability requirements of industrial applications, obtain SIL certification and coal safety mark certification, and ensure the safety and efficiency of industrial railway transportation production.

Intelligent perception and control technology

It is applied to the design and implementation of various sensing equipment, execution equipment and relevant detection and control interface circuits in the company's products, as well as the design and implementation of various system level control optimization algorithms.

Industrial control software technology

It is applied to the design and development of dispatching room software in the industrial railway dispatching system, involving the design and implementation of real-time data acquisition, processing, storage, statistical analysis, replay and other functions, as well as the design and implementation of various system dispatching strategies. The relevant special software developed is mainly used in various data servers and industrial computer environments.

Industrial communication and network technology

The industrial network design and implementation applied to the company's products and their assembly process is faced with a more complex industrial site environment (strong electromagnetic interference, severe humidity, large dust, limited line space, etc.)

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